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Lake Lanier
11-14-2017, 03:31 PM,
Lake Lanier
After mine Whale Watching bus tour I will plan a tour with my buddies and our destination will be the Lake Lanier. We are so excited for this and will get lots of fun by taking this tour with my buddies.      Now tell me guys which kind of activities can make the journey remarkable for us?
11-14-2017, 05:20 PM,
RE: Lake Lanier
Teresa, It is cool to know that you have planned a tour of Lake Lanier to enjoy with friends to have a fun time. I am hopeful this will be really exciting for you as I have also visited this lake before my yosemite park tours and enjoyed many activities like Camping, fishing, walking, chatting, cracking jokes and much more.
[Image: tenor.gif]
11-16-2017, 04:18 PM,
RE: Lake Lanier
I am happy to read about your nice experience. Now I am sure that this will gonna best for me and I will enjoy a lot while taking the tour of Lake Lanier. Lake Lanier will be so nice to me and I will also enjoy these nice activities for getting fun while my trip. Now tell me something in detail about camping in this park? I would also like to try this so need to know about your experience.

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