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Walkins Welcome - Erfwerm - 12-18-2016

[Image: a6ojZOKm.jpg]

RE: Walkins Welcome - Starling - 10-26-2017

Hello, MR. Erfwerm, It is good to see you as a member of this board. My name is Starling and I would like to say you welcome here. I am hopeful that you will spend really a nice time here and other members of the board will also like to welcome you here.

I will start my travel from las vegas

RE: Walkins Welcome - Stewart - 10-26-2017

Starlling you are right and like you also want to see him warmly welcome MR. Erfwerm. Hope you will have a nice time here.

RE: Walkins Welcome - Clifford - 10-28-2017

Really glad to see you here  MR. Erfwerm and hope will be a cool way to talk with you and know more about each other.  Welcome here buddy and happy to have you here. 

RE: Walkins Welcome - Starling - 11-07-2017

It is good to see that both of you members liked to say welcome to MR. Erfwerm on this community. I am hopeful he will like it and spend a good time on the board. Anyways, Guys, Would you share here something about your hobbies?